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Planned Parenthood is now welcomed at 20% of the Girl Scout Councils nationwide where they conduct “educational” events. Part of that education has been to distribute their brochure Healthy, Happy, and Hot to our young girls. This brochure blithely states, “Sex can feel great and can be really fun! …… There is no right or wrong way to have sex. Just have fun, explore and be yourself … It’s your body. You choose what you do, when you do it, how and with whom” (page 7). On page 13 it recommends that you visit the local Planned Parenthood clinic to help you create a “plan” for terminating any unplanned pregnancies though “safe abortion,” or for figuring out how to start a family if you are single or in a same-sex relationship. On page 16 — “You should find out whether there are any centers near to you where you can go without needing the permission of your parents or guardians.”

I thought perhaps I was overreacting at first until I downloaded the 20 page brochure at Then I was flabbergasted. I was seriously considering putting a Warning on this blog until it struck me that the brochure had already been given out to our young daughters and granddaughters without our knowledge.

Planned Parenthood has a PR and media image of care and compassion. But in fact it is the world’s largest abortion mill (250,000 babies a year) — and it is supported by government/taxpayer funding to the tune of $275 million a year. It works hard at defeating parent’s rights.
Planned Parenthood glorifies promiscuous sex, especially among unwed teens; devalues Crisis Pregnancy Centers as ‘fake clinics’; and is openly hostile to the Christian worldview. As evidence of this I ask you to watch their 30 second TV Ads on MTV, VH1 and FX targeted at youths aged 18-24 . Of the ad entitled Angel, the “Chaplain” at Planned Parenthood Golden Gate says, “I love the fact that this ad challenges popular conceptions of religion and sexuality. I think it will really break through the clutter and get people thinking about sexual responsibility as part of their larger value system, which may be religiously influenced.”

We with a Christian perspective seem to be one of the few hopes to stem this growing tide of degeneracy. On the bright side there are plenty of positive things we can do, starting with becoming informed. Here are additional things I recommend you consider …

1. Forward this link to family and friends who participate in the Girl Scouts.

2. Forward it to any Troop leaders and Girl Scout volunteers and officials in your area along with what you think.

3. Reconsider your participation in supporting the Girl Scouts — referrals, donations (even perhaps giving up those Thin Mints?)

4. Check out Biblically-based information regarding sexuality. Focus on the Family recently highlighted a good resource Teaching Children Healthy Sexuality on their website

5.Investigate Christian alternatives for your daughters. American Heritage Girls is an overtly Christian organization that teaches leadership, character development, and spiritual growth

6. Honor and support the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Last week a legislative committee of the California State Assembly voted down a bill which would honor the Boy Scouts on their 100th anniversary because they “steadfastly continue to discriminate against individuals because of their sexual orientation.” This same Committee voted unanimously to honor the Girl Scouts on their 98th anniversary for “inspiring millions of girls with the highest of ideals of confidence, courage and character. (As an aside, the BSA was just ordered to pay $18.5 million to a man who was sexually abused by a former assistant Scoutmaster. BSA policy is specifically designed to protect boys from such abuse.)

Now that we’re in forum mode, please share your thoughts and experiences for the rest of us to enjoy by posting a comment.

— Stuart Orr



  1. Well, before we start boycotting Girl Scouts, keep in mind that the troop leaders retain the power to filter what they do or do not distribute to their troop. Also, the brochure’s target audience is specifically those with HIV. I think it tries its best to assure these people that their life is not over. I mean, it’s bad enough having a disease that you’ll never get rid of without having to bear the social stigmata that goes with it….
    But you make a very good point about their bothering to mention that there are centers where parental consent is not needed. Parents, HIV, society: all these things seem to get in the way of my fully enjoying my sexual freedom. So I have to think: if anything other than God demands I base my entire priority system upon it, then maybe I should re-evaluate my life

  2. Stu,
    This is excellent material – not only in its format but also its tone. You describe the issue very clearly, including giving some of the latest information on the topic, and give some very practical tips on what can be done about it. Thanks for putting this together and for sending me a copy. I will pass this on to all the people I know who either need to see this or could benefit from it. Thanks.

    Lee Carlson

  3. I never would’ve thought to look at things like that. This should make my morning a lot easier.

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